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Chicago Marathon Outrage With a Sense of Humor

You’ve all no-doubt read the stories about the unfortunate turn of events at this year’s Chicago Marathon. While it was one of the greatest finishes in marathon history, it will more likely be remembered as the one that got canceled.

This cancellation led to a slew of criticism about the race.  Some people are still waiting for an apology. I doubt they’ll get one.

Of course, there were people who had positive things to say like this guy.  I also didn’t notice a problem joggling the marathon this year. There was water, Gatorade and even ice at the water stops. I did see a lot more people passed out on the side of the road however.

Apparently, the people up front were the lucky ones.  The slower folks weren’t aschicago marathon shirt fortunate.  You can see some of the water station mayhem. Even fellow joggler Barry Goldmeier said the stations ran out of Gatorade for him.  He told me a great story of how he went into a store to buy Gatorade and didn’t quite have enough money.  The clerk was nice enough to let him buy it with what he had.  The people in Chicago are great.

As a response to their marathon outrage, here is a group that came up with a clever t-shirt. Their mantra…marathoners never quit. Clearly, they aren’t familiar with the quitting study from yesterday’s post.

The proceeds are going to the family of Chad Schieber, the man who died last weekend.

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  1. Barry was really nice. I was fortunate enough to run by him for a while. We talked about the Gatorade shortage and at one point let him finish off one of my fuel belt flasks of it. Glad he was able to find a store to let him have one. 🙂

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