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How to Make a Joggler Blush

Yesterday, I had a few emails in my inbox at work with a link to the following story…

Not Your Average Joggler

I have to admit, the story made me blush. I took ribbing from co-workers all day, especially considering the opening line.

You may not know it standing next to Perry Romanowski. But you’re standing next to greatness.

It’s a nice article. There were a couple of inaccuracies (like my wife’s name is Shannon notjuggling runner Susan, and I haven’t quite qualified for Boston) but overall, it got things right. My favorite part was the last paragraph, “…I’m not unique, but I am rare.” That’s exactly how I feel about joggling.

Joggling on a podcast

A couple of weeks ago there was a comment from the host of one of my favorite podcasts, Ante-up. Chris Cosenza and Scott Long do a weekly show about the world of Poker and give tips on how to get better. Well, at least they say the tips are supposed to make you better. In episode 120 they mention this blog and joggling. It’s really cool. Thanks guys!   If I had an Ante-Up! hat, I’d wear it in two weeks when I try to break the world record for joggling 50 miles.

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  1. Congrats on the big race! We didn’t make it down to watch, but I heard from about 10 differnt friends that they saw you fly by…….you super star! Tell Susn hi!

  2. If only we had the hats to give out. Not in the budget big guy, but let us know how you do!! You can always buy a hat at our store. LOL!

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