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Do You Need a Joggling Day Off?

Today is my 283rd day in a row of joggling. The streak is still alive.

Interestingly, while thumbing through this month’s edition of Runner’s World they had a quiz called “Do You Need A Dayjuggling joggling running resting day Off”?  For those of you who don’t get the magazine, here is the questionnaire.

Should you take a day off from running Quiz?

1. How is your mood today?

very, very good (-2 points)
very good (-1 point)
good (0 points)
average (1 point)
bad (3 points)
very bad (5 points)
very, very bad (7 points)

2.  How many hours did you sleep last night?

more than nine (-1 point)
eight or nine (0 points)
seven (1 point)
five or six (3 points)
less than five (5 points)

3.  Last night you slept…

same as normal (0 points)
one hour more or less than normal (1 point)
two hours more or less than normal (3 points)
three or more hours less than normal (5 points)

4.  Have you been sick the past week?

Yes (5 points)
No (0 points)

5.  How would you rate yesterday’s workout?

very, very easy (-3 points)
very easy (-1 point)
easy (0 points)
average (1 point)
hard (3 points)
really hard (5 points)
very, very hard (7 points)

6.  How do your muscles feel?

very, very good (-3 points)
very good (-1 point)
good(0 points)
average (1 point)
sore (3 points)
really sore (5 points)
very, very sore (7 points)

7.  Do your legs feel “heavy”?

no (0 points)
a little (1 point)
somewhat (3 points)
very much (7 points)

So, if you go through and score 15 or less then you’re doing a good job of balancing training with resting.  A score over 40 means you gotta take some time off.  Then somewhere in between means you might be pushing a little too hard so back off a bit.  They suggest taking this test once a week to see how you’re doing.

My score today is 8.  Looks like this joggler doesn’t need a day off.  Do you?

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