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Drinking and smoking are the keys to longevity

Here is a perfect example of why I don’t put much stock in what experts have to say about health.old juggler

It is my goal to live until at least 107, hopefully still joggling marathons.  I figure by the time I hit 85, I’ll actually be competitive in my age group.  Maybe then I’ll be able to finish ahead of Michal or Zach.

Anyway, here is a story which proves that conventional wisdom doesn’t really mean much when it comes to health and longevity.  Zhang Shuqing turned 100 on May 7th.

So, what’s his secret to longevity?

1.  Smoke everyday starting in your 20’s.
2.  Drink strong liquor everyday

This guy really needs to write a book.  He’d sell a lot.

Incidentally, I don’t really recommend following this guy’s habits.  It might work for him, but a better bet is to avoid drinking and smoking and spend your days joggling.

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