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7 Tips to Stop Running Pains

Don’t know why but today was a particularly painful day. My legs are sore, my back is sore, and my feet are sore. Running everyday is often painful. Today, is one of those days.

What to do about running pain

1.  Stretch.  I don’t do it too much but the experts say it will help reduce soreness.running in pain
2.  Take a day off.  The joggling streak prohibits this but you can do it.  If you don’t want to take a day off, consider running a slow mile as a rest day.
3.  Soak in cold water.  You’re supposed to do this right after you workout.  It’s not pleasant to take cold showers but your body will thank you the next day.
4.  Painkillers.  They never seem to help me but some people swear by Tylenol.
5.  Rest.  When you’re sleeping you aren’t hurting.  Take a nap to ease your pain.
6.  Re-hydrate.  Sometimes the pain is caused by your muscles being dehydrated.  Drink some Gatorade or at least a few glasses of water.
7.  Appreciate the pain.  Pain is a way to let yourself know that you are alive.  That’s one reason we juggle and run, right?

I haven’t had much time to keep you updated on the joggling world, but didn’t want you to think this joggler was slowing down. In fact, the joggling streak is intact (120 days) and I’ve been running more than ever. I just happened to be away for business in California and didn’t get much time to blog. It’s unfortunate that my regular life gets in the way of my blogging. This is what I really like to do.

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  1. No races. But I did run with a friend of mine who was just a bit quicker than me. Those small, skinny, fast, younger guys suck :). Actually, it was great to be pushed like that. I almost never run with a partner and it helped a lot.

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