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Four Reasons You Should Take Up Joggling Now

This is a reprint of an article I orginally wrote for the International Jugglers Association newsletter…

I learned to run before I was 2. I learned to juggle at 11. It was 14 years later during therunning and juggling joggling Chicago Half Marathon that I learned to do them at the same time. With that race my marathoning and joggling obsession began.

Joggling (running and juggling) has been my passion for the last 10 plus years. I’ve completed 21 marathons and juggled the entire time during all but two. My goal is to finish 44. I do it because I can, and as I say on my blog I may never be the fastest runner or the best juggler but maybe I can be the fastest juggler. Recently, I did an interview with Endurance where you can hear all about it.

If your juggling has stalled at the 5-ball or 3-ball cascade and you just can’t get that Devil Stick to stay up, consider giving joggling a try. Here are 4 good reasons to start joggling now.

1. Joggling is healthier than juggling

Juggling is great exercise but not as good as running. However, we all know juggling is more fun. Why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds? Remember, you only get so much time in this life. Combining activities is a great way to maximize your time. And while you’re at it, try listening to an audio book while you joggle.

2. You can be the best joggler

I figured out long ago that I won’t be the fastest runner in the world. And based on some of the great juggling videos I’ve recently seen, I’m not going to be the greatest juggler in the world either. But if you can’t win in one category, try competing in one that you can. As a runner, I’m not competitive. But as a joggler…I’m one of the top in the world. With practice, you can be too.

3. Joggling makes people happy

When running down the street people will rarely make eye contact. But when you’re joggling people can’t help but look and smile. Later, they’ll also tell everyone they know about the person they saw running and juggling. There is something fascinating about seeing the unexpected and joggling is unexpected. It feels great to make people smile.

4. You can juggle in front of a huge audience

As you’re joggling the marathon the claps are extra loud, the cheers are more frequent, and it will seem that each person you pass is grinning ear to ear. Even other runners see you and smile. And while physically joggling will be a bit tougher, psychologically you won’t want the 26.2 miles to end. Just think, where else can you juggle in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people? Even the greatest jugglers don’t get to do that! You may even make it into your local paper or on the radio.

If you do take up joggling be warned, you might feel a hostile backlash. To some, joggling is silly. The sight of a person running down the street behind an infinity pattern carved in Gballz suede is laughable. Some “real” jugglers will say you are making a mockery of juggling. Certain “real” runners will say you are mocking their sport. But the crowds, the audience, they make it all worthwhile.

Joggling marathons may not be for everyone, but it works for me. As my 4th rule of life states, you can’t pick your talent, but if you find it go out and be great.

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  1. I used to walk frequently and began running for a while, but then I caught the juggling bug and I’ve been spending a lot of time juggling. I love discovering people who are passionate about what they do and I certainly would whistle and cheer loudly if I saw a joggler.

  2. David, thanks so much for the kind comments. Hopefully, this year you’ll be inspired to try joggling yourself.

    As far as the rules
    1. Put your faith in Providence but always cut the deck.
    2. Always have change for a 20.
    3. Fake it ’til you make it

    Maybe in a future post, I’ll put them all.

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