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25 things every juggler needs to run a marathon

Today, I fly out to sunny Florida to joggle in the Tampa Bay Marathon. I’m alreadyjuggling canyon joggling registered. My flight and hotel has been booked.

While packing I thought it would be useful for aspiring marathon runners / jugglers to know what kinds of things you should pack. So here it is

25 Things Jugglers Need for a Marathon

1. Two pairs of Running Shoes. I’m currently running in a pair of Sauconys. But I’ve had success in Brooks and Reebok. You’ll want the second pair for after the race.

2. Shorts. I like a good set of Spandex to reduce chafing.

3. Two pairs of socks. One for the marathon, one for after the marathon.

4. Running shirt. A nice technical shirt made with advanced fibers is best. Cotton shirts get heavy when you sweat.

5. After race shirt. You’ll want to have a shirt to change into after the race. I’m going to be wearing my Gballz shirt in honor of my sponsor.

6. Warm-up clothes. An old pair of sweat pants & sweatshirt that you don’t mind getting rid of. It’s tradition to strip down just before the gun and throw the clothes off to the side.

7. Sunscreen. Important especially for a run in Florida.

8. Sunglasses. Even if you choose not to run in them, you’ll want them for after the marathon.

9. Watch. Mostly useless for a joggler because you can’t look at your watch too easily. But you can check it at the water stops so I like to have one. I use a Timex Ironman watch.

10. Camera. You want pictures after your big event right? So bring a camera. I’m bringing a Cannon Powershot SD450.

11. Identification. I have a Road ID that has all my information on it. Helpful if they ever find a joggler sprawled out on the road and don’t know what to do.

12. Money. You’ll at least want $5 in case you want to buy a drink or candy bar after the race.

13. Gloves. Probably not needed for a Florida marathon but you never know. It can get chilly in the morning. But bring a pair you don’t mind losing because you’ll want to throw them off before the race starts.

14. Hat. Sometimes I run in a baseball cap and sometimes not. It’s good to have on a sunny day.

15. Petroleum Jelly. Good for lubing up before the race. Although you might want to try something like Body Glide. This stuff works wonders.

16. Race Bib. Can’t juggle the marathon without this.

17. Safety Pins. You’ll need these to hold the race bib on.

18. Joggling Bags. I use custom suede bags from Gballz. These things are great!

19. Energy Bar. You’ll want something to eat after the race. Usually, there is a nice spread of food but after you’ve left the finishing area, you’ll get a second round of hunger. That’s when you’ll want the energy bar.

20. iPod Nano. When I joggle a marathon, I put a headphone in one ear only. That way I can hear the cheers of the crowd but still hear music (or a book) when the crowds are sparse.

21. Directions to the start. Figure this out the day before the marathon. You don’t want to have to worry about it marathon morning.

22. Shoe timing chip. Tie this thing to your shoe the night before the marathon. And make sure it’s secure. Without the timing chip, it’s like you didn’t even run.

23. Water. You’ll want a bottle of water to drink while you wait in line for the start of the race.

24. Gear Check Bag. You’ll need somewhere to put all the clothes you’ll wear after the marathon. Check them at gear check.

25. Reservations for dinner marathon eve. If the marathon is anything like Chicago, good luck finding a pasta place to eat the night before. Pick a place and make a reservation. You’ll be happy you did.

Well, that’s it. I’m off to the airport and away to Florida. Joggling marathon #22 hear I come.

Current running streak…33 days.

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