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Free calculator to determine your body fat

You read about it all the time and I’m sure it makes you wonder about your own scores. Well, wonder no further future jogglers of the world. Try out this fat percent calculator to figure out your own numbers.

Now, this is only an estimate of your actual % body fat but it is a lot easier than going to a specialist and being dunked in a pool to see how much water you displace.

To use the calculator you will need a couple of body measurements including your waist size at your naval, waist size at the narrowest point, hip size and neck size. You can figure these out by taking measurements with a tape measure. You’ll also need your weight & height.

Percent body fat is one of those numbers that doesn’t really mean that much but sure makes you feel good when it’s low. Depending on the formula you follow I have either a 14.24% or a 12.85% body fat. When I recently had it done in the fitness center I attend, my number was 13.9%. That shows this estimator is pretty good.  However, if I want to be a world-class marathon joggler I’ll need to get that number closer to 10% or less.

If you want to know how you stack up with the rest of the population, check out this Fitness Fat % Chart. According to that chart I’m right on the border between between Ideal and Lean.

I should say that I don’t put much stock in these kinds of measurements. The best measure for how fast you can run is to go out and run as fast as you can. Things like weight, % body fat, and body type are all just interesting distractions which can give hope that you still have a chance to improve. That could be just wrong. Despite how some people are, you get slower as you get older. There’s a point in life when you can’t get any faster or thinner or physically fitter. It’s ok. Life is about more than how fit you are. Life is about .

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