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What is the web saying about joggling

The web is just buzzing with joggling talk. Here are just a bunch of web postings about the recent joggling performance at the Toronto Marathon. The stuff on the forums reallyJoggler news cracked me up. I’m now called “The Other Joggler”.

  1. It joggles the mind. A mention in an article in the Christian Science Monitor. They got some facts wrong (Zach Warren didn’t run) but it’s still a mention. And they spelled my name right.
  2. Slam sports tells Michal’s story. Here is a great wrap-up of the marathon and the competition that led up to last Sunday’s event. Michal’s performance was amazing. And his next World Record attempt will be very cool. I’ll let you know when he does it.
  3. The Torontoist Crowns a Champ. Another write-up of the record. No mention of “the other joggler” but they did link to Just Your Average Joggler, which is nice.
  4. Runner’s Forum in Canada. A nice exchange of joggling talk. They mistakenly think I beat Michal’s record last year which is a bit amusing. It was Zach by the way.
  5. Cool Running Pre-Race preview. Here’s a write-up about the head-to-head match-up. Of course, after the first mile it wasn’t much of a match-up. At the moment, Michal out-classes this average joggler.
  6. Running forum. This one was great. They couldn’t figure out who the other joggler was and there were lots of questions about joggling that got answered by this blog. The second page even has a picture of me during the run. That must’ve been about mile 9 because my number was still on. I lost it around mile 10.
  7. Runner’s pre-race preview. Ah, they even mention that I’m a 37 year old chemist. I LOVE being a scientist!!
  8. A little blog mention.  People make up words all the time.  Joggling seems like a good enough word for what we do as any.

Well, that’s it for now.

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  1. Cool! You’re a celebrity joggler!
    Glad to hear that you ran a good race – your third best time was it?
    Don’t be so modest in your posts! Although I guess this one was all about you in the news!

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