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Good Luck Michal!

Michal, the bloggling joggler, is making his attempt to break the world record for joggling ajuggling running joggler marathon. We just wanted to wish him well. He’s a talented athlete and has an excellent chance of setting a new world record. You can see his latest blog post about the marathon expo here.

Good luck Michal!

Update: According to the unofficial results, Michal ran a 2:50:09 setting a new world record!!

Congratulations Michal. Let’s hope this one sticks for more than a month. Now, if only I can figure out how to get as fast as you.

My favorite part of the entire story…he finished in 44th place!

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  1. Thanks Perry, It was really tough, but I pulled through. I also succeeded in my side goal of chewing gum the entire way as well – three sticks of Extra Bubblemint. I’m going to auction off the ABC gum on eBay!

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