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The Sport of Joggling – The Early Years

Long before Just Your Average Joggler, the sport of joggling had Bill Giduz who reported on all the happenings in thebill giduz fledgling sport.  Here are a collection of his articles called Joggler’s Jottings originally published in Juggler’s World magazine.   At the time he was the IJA  president.

The World’s Fastest JogglerI think Owen Morse still has the fastest sprint joggling times.

Early Jogglers and a Few TricksIt seems there were lots of jogglers in the 80’s.

The First Joggling Marathoner – Albert LucasThis was pretty big news in 1987.  It also inspired me to start joggling.

Another account of Lucas’ MarathonI never thought of running with a team to help clear the way for joggling.

Joggling records set in 1986.  Some of these records still stand today.

More joggling events in 1987 A flurry of activity for joggling from 1986 – 1987.

I’m trying to piece together some history of this sport.  Bill told me that he first did it in 1977.  The first race was reportedly done by Dave Finegan in 1979.  Stay tuned for more joggling history as we manage to uncover it.

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