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Great 3-ball Juggling

I used to think I could do every 3-ball trick there was, but this guy shows just how mistaken I was.


Clearly, I have a problem of a lack of creativity and inspiration. I get bored because I couldn’t come up with new 3-ball tricks to challenge me. Tim Kelly just gave me a whole bunch to learn. Thanks Tim!

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  1. Great vid.
    I’m finally getting the hang of rubensteins revenge, after giving up for now on 5 balls. Rubenstein is the one well known 3-ball juggling trick the guy with the wildcat juggling web site admits to not being able to do, so it is kind of a challenge to get that one right, since I learnt to juggle less than a year ago from mostly his site.

    Joggled today for first time in a couple of weeks due to an injury (non joggling related), and I’m back to dropping a lot.

    This really is a difficult sport, which does not deserve to look silly.

  2. Hendrick,

    Good to hear you’re back in action. I agree, joggling can be a bit difficult. Had a few drops yesterday myself. I don’t know what was up with that.

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