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Hat Balancing – First Accomplished Goal of the Year

After practicing every day this year for 5 minutes in the morning and sometimes 5 minutes at night, I’ve finally accomplished my goal of balancing a hat on my nose for more than 1 minute. Yesterday, I did it for 1:10.

No video of my PR but here’s one that demonstrates some progress.

[youtube= 425 350]

So, what’s next? I’ll continue to work on the hat balancing. I’d like to be able to do it with minimal movement. Maybe even branch out to something smaller like a toothbrush or add juggling while balancing. I wonder if I could joggle while balancing a hat on my nose.

More hat balancing tips

Here are just a couple more tips I’ve learned about keeping a hat balanced on your nose.

1. Move your feet. Instead of adjusting yourself at your waist, move your feet to adjust your position.

2. Balance other things on your nose. No need to limit yourself to just hat balancing. I’ve tried brushes, toaster oven trays, ice scoops and pens. Each one improves your sense of balance and helps your hat balancing.

3. Practice all day long. Any chance you get you should practice your new skill. I’ve found a great time is while waiting for the microwave to heat up my water at work. I just put a brush on my nose and see if I can keep it going while the microwave runs. It’s great fun. Caution: People you work with may find you a bit eccentric

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