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A Different Kind of Jogging Streak

Members of the Just Your Average Joggler community are familiar with the joggling streak, a streak that is up to 211 days now.Anyway, this article about a jogging priest tells of a different kind of running streak, annaked running and juggling actual streaking run.  Streaking, as in nude, naked-as-a-jay-bird.  Apparently, Rev. Robert Whipkey thought it would be OK to run naked on the local high school track an hour before sunrise.  He figured there wouldn’t be anyone around at that time of day.

His reason for the exposed escapade…he sweats too much when he jogs in clothing.

It looks like the archdiocese has put him on temporary leave pending further investigation.  The clergy attracts the strangest people, although he’s not alone.  Here’s a story from last month in which another guy was sent to jail for one month specifically for pre-dawn naked running.

Perhaps both of these men would find the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco to their liking.  At least they’ll be able to run naked without fear of arrest anymore.

No indication that either of these gentlemen were joggling.  But they might get asked a question often posed to this joggler…

“Do your balls ever get wet?”

Joggle on.

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