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Hat Balancing Ukulele Playing Joggler

Alright, I’m on vacation but I just felt like sharing this video I recently posted on YouTube.  You know how at the beginning of the year it was a goal of mine to balance a hat on my nose for 1 minute?  Well, I did it.  I’m able to do it for over 5 minutes now.  But I got tired of the trick and wanted to add something more.  Here’s what I did.

[youtube= 425 300]

There’s more to life than just joggling.

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  1. I’ve been accused of being eccentric, especially after taking up unicicling. (You are mostly to blame for that)

    Perry, but I’m feather weight compared to the silly stuff you do.

    What is the point of balancing a hat on your nose? That is just plain silly!

    No way I’ll ever do that.

    Great blog anyway, and don’t feel too offended.

    PS: What is a decent kind of hat to start with?

  2. Hey Hendrik,

    No offense taken. I see being called eccentric and silly as great compliments. The worst thing a person could ever say to me is call me “serious”.

    The hat I’m using is a classic Baltimore Oriels fitted baseball cap. It is suitably stiff so it doesn’t come flopping on my face.

    Careful if you try it. It gets a bit addicting.

  3. Perry,
    Is stick to trying to balance my backside on my Uni first.
    I guess it must be much easier to start with balancing something like a broom on ones chin before moving on to hat balancing. 😉

  4. Hendrick –
    If you haven’t ballanced anything before. Start with something tall. Pool Cue, Broom are classic starters. The “Easiest” thing I’m aware of to ballance is a peacock feather, but they are a bit hard to come by.

    Then work your way down to the hat.

    Perry – Mark Faye (Chicago juggler) starts his hat ballance by throwing it behind his back and catching it on his face. Good luck,


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