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Why you should pick a favorite too

44 is my favorite number.

So, I like to celebrate February 13, the 44th day of the year.

Why 44? I don’t know. I suppose it all started because 44 is my birthday 4/4.

fourty fourAt some point I just decided that 44 would be my favorite and I never had a good reason to change. I embraced 44 and tried to work it into all facets of my life.

When I lift weights, I do 44 reps. When I do situps or pushups, I do blocks of 44. My juggling goals always start with 44 throws. I had a dog and named her Ruthenium (the 44th element on the periodic table). Yes, I embrace 44.

Everyone should pick favorite things. You should have a favorite number, color, movie, book, food, juggling pattern, running route, etc. There are a number of benefits to having favorites.

Benefits to picking favorites

1. It gives life definition. You always know where you stand. It makes things so clear. It helps define you as a character.

2. It is liberating. When you have favorites, you free your mind of uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to anxiety and that’s rarely good.

3. It helps other people. People will observe and judge you. By picking favorites and telling everyone you know what they are, it helps shape how & what people know about you. It also makes it a lot easier to buy you presents for holidays like birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Some people don’t like to pick favorites because they feel it will “box them in.” That’s understandable but remember, if you get sick of your favorite you can just change it. No one is forcing you to keep your favorite constant. If I felt like it, I could just change my favorite number from 44 to something else, say 57.

On second thought, let’s just stick with 44. It’s such a perfect number.
Nah, 44 is much cooler.

Joggling stats so far this year 218 miles, 40 days joggling (29 in a row), just over 28 hours.

Listening to…Oliver Twist audio book.

Next Race:  Tampa Bay Marathon in 4 days

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  1. Brian, thanks for the tip. That was a great article on 44. Wish I had written it. Incidentally, the picture on the post was from Yankees stadium and is the number for Reggie Jackson. But I’d agree, Hank Aaron is definitely the greatest 44 baseball player ever.

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