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Hi tech socks can make you a better joggler

Right now I’m tying to recover from an unidentified injury (something wrong with my upper left shin) while continuing to keep my joggling streak alive.  I haven’t missed a day since November 17, 2008 and it would pain me to have the streak stopped by this injury.  However, if I have a stress fracture that might be the only option.  🙁 sensoria-socks

Perhaps I could have avoided this leg pain if I was wearing these interesting socks from Sensoria Fitness.  According to this story, these socks have sensors build it to the fabric which connect up with an app on your phone and send data about the way your feet hit the pavement.  It can be used to analyze your running style, your gaite, cadence, and other information that was much more difficult to get previously.  The app can also prompt you to pick up the pace or slow down based on your goals.  It seems pretty cool. Maybe I’ll get a pair and try them out.

Of course before that I’ve got to get a new phone.  My current phone loses power quickly, especially in the weather I’ve been running in lately.  Today’s temperature… 1F.

Steak day 2241

Joggle on…


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