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Are These Really Cancer Causing Foods?

I just saw one of the most ridiculous blog posts I’ve ever read.  According to the author, the following 5 foods will cause cancer.

1.  Hot Dogshot-dog-french-fry
2.  Processed Meats and Bacon
3.  Donuts
4.  French Fries
5.  Chips / crackers / cookies

The reason this joggler finds the post ridiculous is because the author takes an extreme position that isn’t backed up by any evidence.

Donuts are “one of the worst cancer foods you can possibly eat”?  Then they reference Reader’s Digest as their expert?  What?

French fries should be called “cancer fries”?  Outrageous!!

The worst part comes at the end where the author concludes “90% of cancers are easily preventable.”  I find it difficult to believe.

The Science

When it comes to definitive answers, there aren’t many.  All we can do is look at what the experts say and trust they are basing their conclusions on science.  But instead of trusting the “experts” at Reader’s Digest, it makes more sense to see what the researchers at the American Cancer Society have to say.

No Food Causes Cancer

First, there is NO FOOD that they say will cause cancer.  The closest they get to saying anything is that “eating large amounts of red meats or dairy products may be linked with increased risk of prostate cancer”.  This is a far cry from saying “these foods cause cancer.”

Certainly, eating a balanced diet high is real foods like fruits and vegetables and low in fat is a reasonable guideline, but if you want to eat a donut every day, there is no science that says you will be unhealthier because of it.

Will Lifestyle Changes Prevent Cancer?

It’s interesting to note that the conclusion of the ACS is that the most important risk factors for breast cancer include

a.  when you had your first period
b.  when or whether you had children
c.  when you get menopause
d.  whether others in your family had it

At least three of these factors are not things you can do anything about.  The notion that changing your lifestyle will result in 90% fewer cancers is just not supported by the facts.

I want to live until 107 so getting cancer would really make that tough.  But that doesn’t mean I’m going to avoid Hot Dogs, French Fries or any other foods that I like.  There’s just no evidence that occasionally eating these foods increases your cancer risk at all.

Joggle on.

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