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How far have you run this year?

I just looked at the spreadsheet in which I keep all my running, juggling and joggling stats and goals. You do write down all your runs right?

To date, I have run 1437 miles which beats my goal of 1400 miles and last year’s mileage (1376 miles). But that also means I’m a mere 63 miles away from breaking the 1500 mile mark. With 10 joggling days left, I will have to average just over 6 miles a day. hmmm. Unfortunately, it’s raining today and I’ve still got some Christmas presents to buy. yikes! Still, joggling six miles in the rain sounds a bit fun. And following these tips for running in the rain will make it even better.

I’m curious, how far have you run/joggled this year?

My complete stats to date.

Sessions Juggling = 249
Time juggling = 10,709 minutes
Session running = 233
Time running = 11,405 minutes
Distance = 1437 miles

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