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How to determine how far you’ve run

One of the most challenging things about joggling is figuring out how far you’ve run. This is made a bit easier if you get a fancy GPS device like this Timex watch. but I don’t feel like spending that much. Here is a way to do it without spending any money at all. This website is designed to track your runs using Google Maps. It is called and it’s pretty cool. You type in your address, use the map to track where you ran and it tells you how far you went. You can register and save your runs. You can also browse other people’s runs in different parts of the country. It is just great. And best of all, it’s free! You can give them a donation if you like but it’s not required.

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  1. Thanks Wes. That site is pretty good too. I really like using the satellite pictures as you can put in even the side of the street that you run on.

    The only bad part about using this system is that you can’t dellude yourself into thinking you ran farther than you actually did. Did I really do 20 miles or was it more like 19.8? Stupid GPS. 🙂

  2. You can also use Google Earth to map out your runs. I like it better cause you can zoom way into the picture and trace the path on the sidewalk to be super accurate.

  3. I think you can do the same with both and There is a button to click to show the satellite pictures. Those have the sidewalks too.

    I love these google maps. I wondered where the end of the Chicago River was and I just took a tour via google maps to find out. It is so cool.

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