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How To End A Running Streak

As most of you know, I recently retired my consecutive running and juggling streak at 444 days. I fretted about whether to do it or not but eventually just skipped a day to officially end it. Most hard-core running streakers wouldn’t have done it. It takes a bit more to get them to quit. Take Ronald Kmiec for example.

Kmiec kept his running streak going for 32 years. He started on November 28, 1975 and just recently ended it.


Because he suffered a heart attack. He had surgery to implant a stent and wasn’t able to get out of bed to go for his run. He tried to get out of bed and go but alarms on his bed alerted the nurses who wouldn’t let him leave.


The good news is that even though his streak is over he’s recovered enough to get back to running. In fact, he just did his 35th Boston Marathon. Someday, I’m going to joggle that race.

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  1. The Bryant Park Project on NPR commented on a joggler in this year’s Boston Marathon. Mostly their story was about blogging via iPhone while running.

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