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How you can juggle more than you thought

Today, for the first time in my life I tried juggling 7.  I’ve known how to juggle since 1983 and for some reason I just never imagined I could throw 7 things in the air and keep them going.  But recent videos by Vova Galchenko  and Jason Garfield have inspired me to try.

I can already juggle 3 pretty well.

I can keep 5 going for over 5 minutes.

I can juggle 3 in one hand.

And today…I’ve successfully done 11 throws of 7.  It must be the new Gballz that I’m using.  They take up much less space than my old Juggle Bugs.

So, how can you juggle more than you thought?  Just get the bean bags and try!  I could’ve been a 7 ball juggler years ago and not even known it.  You don’t need to master 5 to try 6 and 7.  Just get the juggling bags in your hand and throw them up (high) in the general cascade pattern.  You just might surprise yourself.

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