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Quick post marathon update

Well, it looks like my official time was something link 3:24:46.  While not my fastest marathon of all time, it is my second fastest and considering I just ran one a month ago, I’m happy with my performance.  I really love doing the marathon.  And the Chicago marathon is the best.  While joggling yesterday I thought about why I liked it best and came to the following conclusion.  You spend most of your time looking at the crowd for faces you might recognize.  This distraction makes you completely forget about the pain of running.  Gotta run.  More later.

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  1. Hey Perry. Congrats on the second fastest finish. I pulled up beside you and said your name while we were going under a bridge. I was going to introduce myself, but you seemed to be concentrating on your joggling so I figurerd you might not be in the mood to chat.

    Chicago was a great! You guys sure know how to put on a marathon!

  2. Hey arcaner, I think I remember hearing my name. Must’ve been around mile 21 or 22. Congrats on a great time. Looks like you pulled ahead of me at the 30K mark. My legs were so sore, I didn’t have anything left.

  3. Trisaratops and I totally saw you right around mile 5 and screamed our heads off for you. She said, “look, that guy’s juggling!” and I said, “OH MY GOD! THAT’S THE JOGGLER!” and then we screamed a lot.

    great job yesterday!

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