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Is Streatching a Waste of Time?

Are you one of those jugglers or runners who doesn’t bother stretching? Or are you one of the types that can’t do a workout without a good pre- or post stretch? I’m a non-stretcher and often wonder whether I’m causing more hurt than I need to.juggling streches Perhaps I’m even limiting my speed and ability.

Frequent JYAJ visitors have read the stretching debate. Previously, we’ve pondered the benefits of stretching. We’ve even given some tips on how to stretch and suggested ways to fit stretching into a busy schedule. But still we wonder whether it is beneficial or not.

Well, here’s at least some research showing that stretching is mostly a waste of time at least when it comes to preventing post workout soreness. According to Cochrane Researchers stretching did not significantly affect the amount of soreness felt after exercise. And it didn’t matter whether the stretching was done before or after exercising.

The scientists theorize that it may help people who are older and not quite as flexible but for healthy adults, the study is pretty clear…

Stretching won’t make exercise hurt any less.

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