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You Can Improve the World By Joggling

We haven’t yet gotten an interview with him but this joggling story about Zach Warren (the second fastest jogglingzach warren joggling joggler marathoner in the world) is pretty interesting.

Zach has traveled around the world raising money for the Afghan Mini Mobile Circus, an international nonprofit group that endeavors to teach and entertain the children of war-torn Afghanistan. He has recently been given a grant from Harvard to travel throughout Asia spreading joy, entertainment and joggling across the world.

So, Zach is proof that this joggling thing doesn’t have to be a mere sideshow attraction.  It can actually be put to good use and we here at Just Your Average Joggler encourage everyone to find a cause that they care about, and figure out some way to help.

Keep up the great work Zach!  You can read about his adventures at his website the Jolly Juggler.

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