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Joggling in the city

Most of my joggling happens on the streets and sidewalks of the great city of juggling But the city brings it’s own obstacles that you’ll have to deal with. And as a joggler they are extra tough. Here are some tips from a Runner’s World article and a few extra that I’ve figured out along the way to keep urban joggling as safe as possible.

1. Run facing traffic. Drivers aren’t always paying attention and you could easily be plowed over from behind. Keep that on-coming traffic in front of you to avoid these accidents. And of course, there is the added benefit of seeing the reactions of the drivers as they see a joggler pass them by.

2. Run with only one or no headphones. The experts say don’t run with headphones at all but you can do it safely if you keep the volume low. Even better is to run with a headphone in only one ear. I’ve been using this strategy for the last year and it works great. Life is all about maximizing the productivity of your time. That’s why I run, juggle and listen to audio books or podcasts at the same time.

3. Slow down near alleys and cross streets. Cars are supposed to be looking as they approach intersection but they don’t always. I once nearly got plowed over by a big, black truck who wasn’t looking. He even made me drop a bean bag! Stay alert and stay safe.

4. Run with a group. Great advice but it reduces your running schedule flexibility. And if they’re not jogglers, they might not appreciate the extra attention. Fortunately my running friends find it amusing.

5.  Be prepared for distractions. You joggle past someone’s house and a menacing dog comes racing to the fence loudly barking and snarling.  You’ll drop a lot of joggling bags because of dogs.  Car horns, people yelling, and sirens will all conspire to interrupt your glorious joggling pattern.  Stay focused & eventually you’ll juggle right through.

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  1.’re gonna climb 103 floors?….How cool is that.

    Sorry I haven’t commented lately…I still follow your antics.

    PS .. I’d love to do Chicago, but the time limit is prohibited and I’m not sure how I’d fare with the cold air and all.

  2. Yeah, it was quite an event. I’m gonna put a post up on it soon.

    Chicago is great but it is true that I don’t see a lot of “official” walkers. It’s not cold too often. This year (at 38 degrees) was an exception.

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