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Joggling Journal – Running Streak Day 147

Day 147 of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: Today, I got to run with other runners. I had to meet my friend Michelle to sign some papers for the upcoming River to River relay, and figured I’d stick around for the Fleet Feet weekly free run.

The weather was a bit lousy but I bundled up and took out my trusty ultraleather Gballz. They really are an excellent all-weather choice for joggling balls.

Michelle and I ran just over 5 miles at a pretty decent pace. Add to the the 3 miles I did to get to the running shop and it was a great workout.

Typically, I’m a loner when I joggle. This isn’t by design but I never seek out other runners to go with. It’s enjoyable to run with other people and maybe I should start adding it to the mix. I haven’t because it is less convenient. Still, I wonder if it would help make me a faster runner. hmmm

Weather: 38 F, rainy

Distance: 8.7 miles

Time: 6:00 pm

Run time: 1:08:19

Listening to: Skepticality

Weight: 195 lbs

Drops: 0

Condition: Felt pretty good.

Shoes: New Balance – 267 mi

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  1. Gballz look nice. Have you tried the MMX by Play (the makers of the PX3 club)? They look like they are made of vinyl, but are soft and don’t bounce.

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