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3 Free internet tools for the active joggler

There are a few websites that are pretty cool and can actually help you with your joggling training. Previously, we described some of the best websites for jugglers and for runners. But here is a list of the most useful internet tools for keeping track of your joggling, running, or juggling progress.

1. Nutrition: Try out MyPyramid Tracker created by the United States Department of Agriculture. This one lets you keep track of all the food you eat and even gives you the nutritional breakdown. The database of food makes it easy to use.

2. Mileage: Want to keep track of how far you’ve run for the year? Coolrunning makes it easy and free. Just sign up and check out their running log. You can even keep track of how far your shoes have gone.

3. Running Route: I’ve mentioned it before but Map My Run continues to be one of my favorites. On April 10th, they’ll be revamping their site. I can’t wait for that. I still get a kick out of seeing my condo and neighborhood in a satellite picture.

I could list more but that’s it for the moment. Joggle on.

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