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Joggling Journal – Streak Day 40

Weather: 61 F and rainingjoggling-chicago

Distance: 4,54 mi route

Time: 12:45 pm

Run time: 37:09

Listening toSkeptics Guide to the Universe

Condition: A little sore but felt decent.

Summary: It was rainy today but unseasonably warm.  Joggling was a sweaty matter today.  It was nice to joggle and not see my breath.  Could’ve gone longer but had to stop and pick-up lunch at PotBelly’s.  Someone in line at PotBelly’s recognized me as the joggler they read about in the newspaper.  There was a Chicago Tribune article about me yesterday.  You can see the link here.

Video: Here’s a new feature, a 12 second joggling video post about each streak day.

Joggling streak day 40 update on

On a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

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  1. Nice article in the newspaper. And, the warm weather is nice, huh? It’s been in the 70’s in NW Florida. Kinda miss the 40’s and 50’s for running, but hey can’t be too picky.

  2. Good luck on your quest, Perry. Only 960 days to go…

    Congratulations on the Tribune article, too. It says you’ve given up the day job to concentrate on joggling, no less.

    Hats off to you for commitment. And Happy New Year from London.

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