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Joggling Makes People Smile

This is part of a series of posts answering the oft asked question, “Why Do You Joggle?

why are you a jogglerRunning is lonely.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s nice to have alone time, but when you’re out there pounding the pavement for hours at a time, you start to feel numb. You begin to look for people. You seek contact, any contact. A look, a grunt, a nod. Anything to let you know you’re not as invisible as the air you are running through. Sadly, you rarely find it.

For a runner, it’s easy to remain invisible. You generate little interest in anyone you pass. Your glances will be met with blank stares. Eye contact is rare. You’re noticed as little as the last kid picked to play dodge ball in gym class.

This doesn’t happen to jogglers.

Joggling is a showy sport that’s rare enough to leave double-takes in your wake.

Pedestrians become the audience that helps rescue you from the desolation of your solo sport. Passing glances are not met with statuesque stares, but with animated expressions. You become something to that person. An anomaly, a story, and a memory.

And when joggling is at it’s finest, you bring to life another smile in the world.

I joggle because it makes people smile.

If you have a good answer to the question “Why do you joggle?” leave a comment below.

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