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The Start of Joggling Marathon Training

Marathon jogglingToday is the second day of my training. My personalized training scheduled called for a steady 5 mile run. The hardest part was skipping the basketball game that was going on on the court below me. I really enjoy playing basketball. But I’m in training mode now. No more b-ball for awhile.  It’s all joggling now.

My legs already hurt but that was most likely a result of the softball game I played last night. Our team, Tria Architechture, finally won a game. Softball is great fun but all the sprinting and quick turning around the bases can be painful. As a marathon joggler, you have to learn to run with sore muscles.

In the first week of training you are just supposed to ease yourself into the swing of things.

My stats for today…

Weight: 190

Distance: 5.07 mi

Time: 38:30

Listening to…Brain Brew Radio (yes, I listen to talk radio when I train)

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