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Joggling Streak – Day 114

114th day of the quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: It was good to get out and joggle today. The sun was bright and I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up all day. Some people say our population suffers from Vitamin D deficiency. I believe it so I make sure I get outside every day to get my dose.

An interesting incident happened right near the end of my run. I came up to the corner of North and Western and a lady waiting for the bus yells, “Are you the one I saw on TV?!” She also stuck her hands out and moved them up and down to pantomime juggling.

I smiled and said “Yeah, that was me.”

She then screamed, “Oh my God!! I saw you on TV! You’re great!”

I turned and smiled and said “Thank you. You’re very nice,” then kept on joggling. In retrospect, I thought maybe I should’ve stopped and asked her about herself or found out her name or something. I hope I wasn’t rude for not stopping. Anyway, it’s nice when people pay you a compliment. It’s a thing I really enjoy about joggling.

Weather: 30 F, sunny & windy. A bit chilly!

Distance: 1.86 mi (Extended Bucktown Recovery Run)

Time: 3:54 pm

Run time: 15:37

Listening to: This I Believe

Weight: 195

Drops: 2 – Slipped off my gloved hands

Condition: Feeling much better. No more soreness but still a little weak.

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  1. So every time you go out joggling does someone recognize you?!

    I think even if people haven’t seen you before, they’ve heard about you!

    I bet you’re glad to be back joggling in this fantastic Chicago weather!

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