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Joggling Journal – Running Streak Day 113

113th day of the quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: Despite the slight amount of rain, the joggling weather wasn’t too bad today. I went slow as recovery mode would dictate. It was a most uneventful joggle except for an incident at the start of my run. A fellow runner and I were both stopped at the red light at North and Western. He was a tall skinny guy with dark hair. He looks at me and says, “Hey, do you live around here?”

“Yeah, I live right over by the Walgreens.”
“Oh. I see you running around here all the time.”
“Great. Do you live around here too?”
“Yeah. Just over on the next block.” And he points south on Western.
“My name is Elliot.”
“Hello, I’m Perry” I said as we shake hands.
“How far do you run?” he asks
“Well, I’m going about a mile and a half today. I’m recovering from a marathon I did on Saturday.”
“How far are you going?”
“Oh, I’m just going a little ways. I like to run to stay in shape.”
“You should do the Shamrock Shuffle.” I said.
“Yeah, maybe I should.”

As the light turned I started running with him but he told me to go on ahead. He doesn’t want to slow me down.

I like meeting nice runners. And I’m glad he gave me the opportunity to practice my skill of remembering people’s names. I’m not nearly as good at that as joggling.

Weather: 50 F, cloudy and rainy

Distance: 1.56 mi (Bucktown recovery run)

Time: 3:15 pm

Run time: 14:00

Listening to: This I Believe – (re-listening to some sections)

Weight: 195

Drops: 1

Condition: Legs are sore but not as bad as yesterday

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