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Joggling Streak Journal – Day 56

On a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: A bit of a longer juggling run to make-up for my lack of a long run this weekend. When marathon training, you have to get the miles in. Your body doesn’t know it’s not the weekend.

A fun moment happened in the last half-mile of this joggle. I was running along the sidewalk when I came up to this group of teenage girls who were waiting at the bus stop. They turned, saw me and started hootin’ and hollering. “Are you a magicians!?” yelled one girl. I smiled as I joggled by and said “Of course!”

Then as I crossed the street, another girl came running up behind me yelling “Wait, I want a hug!” Confused, I kept going.  She yells again “Hey, aren’t you going to give me a hug!?” I stopped, turned around and she came running up to me. She put her arms around me and said “I just want a hug.” We embrace for a moment; she smiled and ran back to her friends. I grinned and resumed my joggling. As I got farther away I heard the girls giggling and laughing. “Did you see that!? I just got a hug from the magician guy.”

Meanwhile, Ishmael described to me the bone structure of a sperm whale.

Weather: 24 F, Cloudy, gray, snow & slush everywhere. Tough to run.

Distance: 8.16 mi – Lincoln Park Zoo loop

Time: 2:42 pm

Run time: 1:12:42

Listening to: Moby Dick – Chapter 96 – 102

Weight: 193 lbs – lose 6 pounds in one day?

Drops: 1 – dropped while trying to pass a pedestrian by joggling through a snow bank.

Condition: Strong workout but my left calf felt like it was going to get a Charlie Horse at any moment. Still hurts 1 hour after being finished.

Shoes: Old Nike shoes

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  1. Should I be concerned that random teenage girls are wanting to hug you.:) Pretty funny! You are quite the local celeb.

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