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Joggling Streak Update – Day 92

Day 92 of a quest to joggle at least one mile every day for 1000 days in a row.

Summary: I went for a longer joggling run today. I’m not certain how far but somewhere around 8 miles. This was the first time I’ve run over an hour on this trip and 3rd longest run all year. It was good to get a long-ish run in. The sun was low in the sky, temperature around 65 F and only a slight breeze. You couldn’t ask for better conditions. Unfortunately, I’ve developed a bit of a cold which makes my throat hurt.

Weather: nice dusky coolness with a slight breeze, ~ 65F

Distance:  8.0 mi

Time: 4:43 pm

Run time: 1:06:04

Listening to: Skepticality

Weight: No scale access

Drops: 1 – dropped while trying to throw one over a tree

Condition: Sore throat. Felt tired around mile 6

Shoes: New Balance

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