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Joggling will not kill you early

Some people don’t believe in exercise. They say “I’ve only got so much energy in this lifetime and I don’t want to waste it on exercise.”   Philosophically, this is undeniable. Everything about you is finite and stops at the end of your life. It’s like my theory of golf and why I don’t do practice swings. “I’ve only got so many good swings in me, I don’t want to waste them in practice.”

There is even a scientific theory that says that every organism has a set amount of energy they can expend, and when they’ve used it…they die. It’s called the “rate of living theory” and it’s been around for years.

Recent research however, suggests that this theory is wrong and that expending extra energy will NOT shorten your life. Dr. Lobke Vaanholtrunning mice
et al did a study of mice where they tested “runner” mice versus non-runner mice. The “runner” mice were specially bred to be great
runners. Kinda like the Kenyans. They were split into 2 groups in which one was given a running wheel and the other wasn’t. Another group of regular (non-runner) mice were also tested.

Most interesting…Runner mice with the wheel lived longer than runner mice without the wheel (735 days vs 725 days)

Scientific proof that running will make you live longer!!

I bet if the mice were joggling they may have even lived longer or at least been smarter.  Of course, I fogot to mention the results they got from the non-runner mice. It turns out these mice lived a lot longer than the either group of runner mice (825 days versus 735 days). But that’s not a fair comparison because the runner mice are genetic freaks. I wonder if Kenyans live shorter lives than regular people.

Anyway, just one other thing I found interesting about the study.

People get paid to watch mice run everyday for nearly 3 years. What a job!

So as you progress in your joggling career, just know that it is definitely not killing you and it may even be helping you live longer.

I want to live to 107. Joggling is my ticket to longevity.

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  1. Of mice and men – Hal Higdon reports a study that says people taking up active exercise (and that certainly includes marathon running) benefit from an increase in life expectancy of over 9 years.

    [PS Please note my new url: – and delighted if you find time to update your link … thanks !]

  2. Ok Perry what is the significance of 107. I know there has to be a reason. I would have guessed 101 for obvious reasons. Other than the 6 year bonus what is it?

  3. Oh, that’s simple. I was born in 1969 so 107 will bring me to 2076. In 2076 will be the United State’s tricentenial. I figure at that time all the bicentenial quarters that I’ve been collecting all these years will be worth a fortune!

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