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What do you think about a week before a marathon

The Toronto Waterfront marathon is only 1 week away. Here is a recent joggling press release that talks about the International Joggling Showdown. We’re having fun with this one. This will be my 20th marathon and I have the highest hopes for setting a PR. I’ve trained almost as much as I could and have even lost a little weight.  I’ll put all my training stats up in a post this week.
Before a marathon (or any big race) there are a lot of common questions you start to ask yourself. Here are the ones that will be constantly echoing in my mind this week.

  1. Did I train enough?
  2. Why didn’t I train harder?
  3. Will the weather be ok? I hope so.
  4. Will I be disappointed?
  5. Did I train enough?
  6. Why aren’t I faster?
  7. Why didn’t I lose more weight?
  8. Why didn’t I train harder?
  9. What should I eat this week?
  10. What will the crowd be like?
  11. Will the water stations be plentiful?
  12. Will I get any chafing?
  13. Will I finish?
  14. Will I walk?
  15. How long will I take off from training for the next marathon?
  16. Will I have a good time?
  17. What will the t-shirt look like?
  18. Will the course be flat?
  19. Why didn’t I buy a new pair of shoes?
  20. What shirt will I wear?
  21. What music should I listen to?
  22. or Should I listen to a podcast instead?
  23. Am I really good enough to qualify for Boston?
  24. Will I drop any beanbags?
  25. Will the crowd be kind?
  26. Will my wife by proud of me?
  27. Will I make my parents proud?
  28. Why do I do this?

Questions. They’ll be haunting my thoughts all week. I’ve already got a general anxiousness about myself that I can feel in my stomach. No matter though. A marathon joggler with my experience is used to butterflies in the stomach. I know the answers to all of these questions but asking them, obsessing about them for a week is par for the course when it comes to marathon running. Don’t be surprised if it happens to you.

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