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Jugglers Don’t Like To Be Called Clowns

Yesterday, I was in the coffee room at work waiting for my tea water to heat up in thejuggling joggling clown microwave. Since it takes 2 minutes, I spent that spare time balancing a wooden brush on my nose. Balancing things on your nose is a great thing to do while you have a couple of spare minutes to fill. It’s certainly can’t hurt my hat balancing progress.

While standing with the brush on my nose staring at the ceiling, a girl I worked with walked by.

She looks at me, smiles, and says, “You should’ve been a clown.”

I stylistically let the brush fall into my hand, turned to her and said with a slight giggle, “You think so?”

When she walked away, my smile turn to a sneer and I thought, “I’m no clown!”

You see, jugglers don’t like to be thought of as clowns. Juggling is a skill to be marveled. It’s not a sight to be laughed at. It may be funny, but to put juggling on the level of a clown is just…objectionable to a juggler.

I don’t hold it against her or anyone else for that matter. But if you ever feel inclined to tell a juggler that they would make a good clown, don’t. It’s really not a compliment.

Incidentally, this story shows that most kids don’t like clowns at all. I hope they don’t feel the same about jogglers.

I should also add, that I actually like clowns and often find them amusing. I just don’t want to be one.

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  1. I’ll never refer to you as a clown to my friends again 😉 Yea, its best not to hold something against somebody due to ignorance. Good man!!

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