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Juggling and Running Streak Hits 316 Days

It’s been a while since posting an update to the joggling streak so here it is for the curious.joggling streak

After reading the story about John Chandler’s 25 year running streak, I thought it would be fun to see how long a joggler could go. That was January 15th, 2007 and I’ve joggled at least one mile every day since then. Here are the stats.

Joggling Streak Stats

316 – Days in a row joggling
1648.9 – Miles joggling
216.6 – Hours of joggling
13,000 – Minutes joggling
2,080,000 – juggling throws and catches

3 – 5Ks
2 – 8Ks
1 – Ultramarathon Relay
2 – Marathons
1 – Ultra marathon (world record time)

Random joggling notes

Overall, it hasn’t been particularly difficult. You’ve just got to dedicate yourself to the streak. Achieving the goal of at least one year of joggling is motivating enough to get the workouts completed.

Physically, the hardest run was definitely the day after the 50 mile ultra marathon.

Mentally, the hardest run was in a hotel somewhere in Ohio. I had just driven 10 hours, it was 10:30 pm and the hotel treadmill was a piece of garbage. I only joggled for 12 minutes but that was about a mile and a half.

Longest run : The 50-mile ultra marathon of course.

Shortest run : 1.17 miles on November 7. I twisted my ankle playing volleyball just before this run.

Joggling Advice

If you suffer from a lack of motivation, starting a joggling (or running) streak is a great way to combat it. In the beginning just see if you can do it for 7 days in a row. Then if you want, take a break and try for 2 weeks in a row. After that, try for a month. When you’ve gone for 30 days in a row, you’ll find that you like the streak. The streak will be your friend. You won’t want the streak to go away. At this point, motivation isn’t much of a problem. Just make sure you take a few “rest days” every so often. By rest day I mean run real easy for just over a mile. Trust me, your legs will need it.

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