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Juggling In The News

There’s not much new, but this story about the benefits of juggling is interesting. Notjoggling because they discuss all the juggling pluses we previously covered, such as increasing brain size, improving coordination, etc. No, this is interesting because it makes the news at all. I get Internet juggling alerts everyday and this is the first mainstream media article in the last year. Juggling is less popular than badminton.

Juggling and clowns

The slant of the article is also interesting. They specifically try to separate juggling from it’s clowny past.

First of all clear your mind of juggling’s association with clowns and those annoying people at festivals who wear those oh-so-wacky hats.

If you’re associating yourself with people who fancy themselves as modern-day jesters you’re never going to be able to attain a state where both your mind and body are relaxed.

Many jugglers resent being associated with clowns and fools. They would rather be admired for their skill and athleticism. I understand this notion. Jogglers are referred to as “stunt runners” and lumped in with people dressing up in Kermit the Frog suits (Michal was pictured as such in Runner’s World last year). There’s not exactly the same level of skill required for these “stunts”.

However, I don’t mind what people think about joggling, juggling and clowns. I’m no clown but I like to make people laugh. People should be able to do whatever makes them happy, as long as it doesn’t infringe on anyone else.

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  1. Well said, Perry! Whether it’s entertaining, clowning or technical, good juggling doesn’t get nearly the mainstream media attention that it deserves. Praise be for the Internet.

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