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Top 10 benefits of learning to juggle

As if joggling in and of itself was not a good enough reason to learn to juggle, here is an article from that lists 8 physical benefits of juggling. I summarized their list and added a couple extra because nobody makes top 8 lists.

Benefits of juggling

1. Juggling is great aerobic exercise. It’s certainly more fun than one of those stupid elliptical machines. You’re more apt to keep at it.

2. Juggling improves your hand-eye coordination. This will be useful in other sports like kickball, softball, and volleyball.juggling

3. Juggling makes you ambidextrous. Very useful if you ever break your arm.

4. Juggling keeps you warm. As long as you don’t sweat too much.

5. Juggling improves balance. Before I learned to juggle I couldn’t even ride a unicycle. But I can now!

6. Juggling improves motor skills. Catching, throwing, hand-eye coordination are all improved with juggling.

7. Juggling improves your rhythm. My wife can tell you what a great dancer I’ve become since learning to juggle.

8. Juggling relieves stress. Work or life getting you down? Just juggle it right out. Juggling requires concentration and this will help you forget about your troubles.

And I thought I’d add a couple of my own for the jogglers out there.

9. Juggling makes you smarter. At least juggling can make your brain bigger according to this study.

10. Juggling gives a a sense of accomplishment. There are always new challenges in juggling. New patterns, new equipment. When you want to get an ego boost, learn a new juggling trick. It’s incredibly satisfying.

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  1. There’s something fun about throwing something up in the air and catching it. Long before I go into juggling I would throw baseballs into the air and catch them in my mitt. I would also practice my jumpshot by going through the motions but throwing the basketball straight up instead of toward the goal. I also like to throw frisbee high into the air and catch them again. I didn’t realize I was practicing juggling.

  2. Your last post about the benefits of joggling/juggling inspired me to work on my juggling skills. I need to improve A LOT, but I got a set of G Ballz and hope someday to joggle a 5k. It is a surprisingly good arm workout. I am glad to know that my kick ball skills will also benefit from juggling practice. : )

  3. For me it’s the key to zen. When you juggle you mind is completly free from all the toughts, it’s just you vs. the gravity. If you take it this way, it’ s less frustrating when you drop balls trying new tricks!

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