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Make your own joggling balls

The bean bags that I’ve been using for my joggling training are getting pretty beat up. They don’t have any holes however,Juggling balls so I’m sticking with them.

But when I’m ready to try some new ones for cheap, here’s a website that tells you how to make your own juggling balls. It’s written by the Surfing Scientist and involves filling balloons with rice. If you don’t have any juggling balls right now, you should definitely try making your own.

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  1. You’ll spend $150 on Sneaker’s that last 6 months, and not $30 to get a good set of beanbags/balls that should last years?

    Bottom line, the above would not be good for a joggler. Sweat will mix with the cheap latex from the baloons and give you a dirty, sticky mess.

    Buy a high quality beanbag from one of the national makers, sew your own out of cloth, or get custom ones from or one of the other 3-4 custom bag makers out there.

    Fun Site, starting to get into shape, and once I can actually run farther than 1 mile, I want to add juggling.

  2. Brian, you make an excellent point (although the shoes cost about $100 and they last only 3 months).

    The bean bags I use right now are pretty dirty and “gross” so I’m ok with that. But you are right, spend some money on some good joggling bags people! This is a cool little craft project but if you’re serious about joggling or juggling, nothing beats a fine crafted juggling bag set.

    Thanks for the tip about I’ll check them out.

    Good luck with your training.

  3. Perry,

    I really liked the link, and I’m willing to try this out. I think I might even be able to get my son to help me with this, and I think it’s something he could have fun with.

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