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Madison Marathon Countdown – 3 Juggling Days To Go

Before every marathon I like to weigh myself. It is just a truism of running, the lighter you are, the faster you can go. If you want to get fast, you have to lose weight. Yesterday, I weighed in at 186 lbs. For you international folks out there that’sjuggling and running logo about 84.4 kg. Not too bad and it’s a little less than the 190 lbs I weighed a year ago on this day. My speed is looking up.

Today, my wife ran with me again. This time we went out to Lake Michigan and did a short run on the lakepath. I could tell that she didn’t really feel much like running and I had to admire her for making it the whole way. We ran up through the park at North Avenue and over the bridge.

There were people playing softball, flying kites, riding bike and running. It was the first time this year that I felt like summer was finally here. The lake was a patchwork of blue and silver hued shapes. Throughout the water there were irregularly spaced areas of complete calm mixed in with the rippled surface. I wondered why the surface of the lake would behave like that. Chaotic, calm, chaotic, calm.

I was joggling of course, and she ran just behind me. There were lots of other joggers out and I enjoyed many of the smiles and comments people made as we passed by.

You will find when you become a frequent joggler that many people feel compelled to shout out a comment, smile, or somehow acknowledge you. It really makes me smile. One of the greatest benefits of joggling a marathon is the looks, smiles and cheers that you get as you pass by. “Did you see that guy!? He was JUGGLING!!” “Go juggle boy, GO!”

Although it is not all positive. There will be those cynics in the crowd that will wax sarcastic with things like “Show off” or “Don’t miss!” When I was joggling in California once, a near-do-well beach bum reached his hand into my cascading pattern in an attempt to get me to drop them. But his momentary distraction was not enough to break the infinity cycle.

Three days out and I’m feeling good. It will be the fastest marathon I’ve ever done. But will it be a world record? Hmmm, I guess we’ll just have to see.

Incidentally, the picture in today’s post is my own design. It goes on the back of my shirt to warn the other runners that there’s a juggler ahead. In the first incarnation of this shirt I included the phrase “Caution Joggler Ahead – Drops are possible”

It’s important to be a considerate joggler. You don’t want anyone to turn an ankle because you dropped a beanbag.

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