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Only 4 Days Left Until Joggling In Madison

In the last few marathons the training schedule I’ve followed required that on the Wednesday before a jogglingSunday marathon, you do a 10 mile juggling run.  Granted, it’s a slow 10 miles but it’s still 10 miles. This new training program only requires a couple of miles.  It will be interesting to see whether the shorter distance makes any difference. Sure, you can’t really compare things like that but I’ll do it anyway.

Yesterday, I was slated to run 2 miles but played basketball instead. I figured the 60 minutes of running up and down the court would certainly equal 2 miles of treadmill joggling. Sure there were times my right ankle was painfully throbbing due to a slight case of achilles tendonitis, but playing was fun.

Today, I’m only required to run 3 miles. Easy peasy as my brother would say. I’m trying to sleep a bit more this week, but my blogging activities and summer schedule at work is making it tougher. The week before a marathon you should get some extra sleep. This is primarily because you won’t sleep much the night before. Typically, I get about 4 hours of solid sleep on marathon eve.

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