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Need A New Trick – Try Playing Card Juggling

One of the greatest things about joggling or running is the crazy ideas you come up with while doing it. This is one of the primary arguments for doing your workouts withoutjoggling snoopy headphones. It’s just harder to think.

Despite my constant headphone use, I still have wacky ideas while running. Yesterday, it was the idea of juggling playing cards. I wondered if anyone has ever juggled playing cards.

Ask the juggling experts

So, I posed the question to the juggling discussion group. Whenever you have a juggling question, rec.juggling is the first place you should always go.

Unsurprisingly, someone had already demonstrated playing card juggling. You can see videos of this and other incredible hand feats at Here’s one from Youtube.


I just love this stuff. Ok how about 1 more? The hat balancing to start is a trick I LOVE to do.


Learning to throw cards

The first step in learning to juggle cards is to learn to throw them. And there is no greater book for learning this skill than Ricky Jay’s excellent tome Cards As Weapons. Once you’ve got the hang of it, then try the basic cascade juggling pattern. It’s recommended that you practice in front of a pool table. That way when the cards fly errantly they’ll be easier to retrieve.

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