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Non-Joggling but Quirky Record Broken – Stationary Bike

How long do you think you can ride on a stationary bike?  Well, if you’re looking to breakstationary joggling bike the world record you’ll have to be on one for at least 5 days.  That’s because Eddy Kontelj did that much and is still going. Records like these fascinate me. Perhaps it’s because people who set such records are called stunt athletes just like jogglers.

We’ve previously discussed the snobbish attitude of some runners toward jogglers. They look down on anyone doing something out of the ordinary. This sometimes even includes ultra marathoners. Stunts like Sam Thompson’s 51 marathons in 51 days or Dean Karnazes’ similar feat are viewed as abominations by these people. For them, if you’re not trying to be the fastest, you’re just wasting time.

I’m not sure why “stunt athletes” bother snobbish athletes but they do.  Fortunately, most stunt athletes ascribe to the Feynman theory of life “What Do You Care What Other People Think“. (An excellent book worth reading by the way).

Eddy Kontelj, from Australia, is just such a carefree spirit. At last report he had just broken the world endurance record for the longest time/distance on a stationary bike. Reportedly, he has gone 111 hours, 11 minute and 11 seconds. He is trying to a lot longer to make the record tougher to beat.

Some interesting facts about breaking this record.

1. You get 5 minute breaks every hour.
2. He will travel over 2500 km when it’s all done.
3. He has to maintain a minimum average speed of 20km/h at all times.

They say he saved up his 5 minute breaks so he could get a 3 hour nap.

Incredibly impressive. But I have to wonder, why do you get to have any breaks? What is the longest anyone has gone without stopping at all?

We’ll keep you posted if we hear how he finishes. I wonder, what would be the record for juggling while riding a stationary bike? hmmmm.

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  1. I always try to do my best, but for me, it is about finishing 🙂 I just couldn’t sit there for that long. That’s brutal! And joggling is cool.

  2. I think I could sit for that long if I was trying to break a record. Once my sister and I sat against a wall in the “chair position” for over 45 minutes. It hurt like hell but eventually she outlasted me. Great fun.

    Did you know the world record for standing on one foot is 73 hours?

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