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Joggling Year in Review

I love the end of the year. It inspires you to reflect on what you experienced during theRunning and juggling Chicago year and to think about how the coming year might unfold.

Joggling Reflections of 2007

As usual, the year started with some modest joggling goals.

1. Joggle for 1800 miles.
2. Joggle a 100 mile ultra marathon
3. Break a world record
4. Qualify for Boston (3:15)

By mid-January, I got the idea of doing a joggling streak. 352 days later, it’s still going.

My other goal results were mixed.

On the plus side, I was able to joggle for 1800 miles (actually more like 1818 miles). I also did break a world record for joggling 50 miles and kept my joggling streak alive.

But it wasn’t all positive. For example, I didn’t complete a 100 mile ultra marathon. I also didn’t qualify for Boston. My best joggling marathon time was in Tampa Bay in February with a time of 3:23. Not bad, but 8 minutes too slow. In the Chicago marathon, the heat and the upcoming ultra marathon led to a slower 3:59 time.

I never think it’s good to accomplish ALL your goals. If you do, you just didn’t set them high enough.

The Joggling World

There was a lot of activity in the joggling world this year. Michal and Zach both endeavored to break the marathon joggling record in Salt Lake City in April but they came up a little short. Later, Michal shattered the joggling record in Toronto, his home course.

We were also introduced to a number of jogglers around the world and did interviews with about a dozen of them. Some of these guys are really quite fast and are posed to break world records for the shorter distances.

Joggling Blog

The JYAJ blog saw some changes earlier in the year. I changed the design and even went to my own hosted site. I like having it hosted better because you have a lot more control.

Unfortunately, I’m still not completely happy with the design and it will be a goal this coming year to make it even better. It’d be great if the blog would make enough money to cover expenses. Maybe I’ll even compile some of the best material and create a joggling book.

Well, that’s getting into my goals for next year so let’s just end this now. Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this blog. It is a great source of happiness for me.

Here are some great bloggers that I encourage everyone to go visit. Happy New Year everyone!

Mercury Worm
Roads of Stone

Joggle on!

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  1. Congratulations on a great and momentous joggling year, Perry.

    Just 13 days to go to make it a whole year of Joggling Streak, too. Way to go, Joggler!

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