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On the Trivial Pursuit of Joggling

A couple of weekends ago, while visiting the Brewmaster’s place (remember juggling on the trampoline), we were playing a game of Trivial Pursuit Totally 80s.

Imagine the scene…
My team’s Trapper Keeper game piece is cruising along getting pie upon pie successfully answering questions like…

“Who was Time’s Man of the Decade in the 80’s?” Gorbachev

“In what TV show did they briefly change the main character’s last name from Hinkley to Hensley?” The Greatest American Hero (of course)

“Who was Prime Minister when the Falkland Islands were invaded?” Margaret Thatcher

Then we land on the “Sports and Leisure” category. This has proven to be one of the toughest categories so we kept expectations low.

Then the Brewmaster’s girl Margie looks at the question card and is incredulous. She says, “I can’t believe it! This is impossible. This can’t be right.” The rest of us peer at her inquisitively and puzzled.

“What’s the question?”

“This is ridiculous. I can’t believe you got this question. This can’t be a question.”

“What’s the question!?”

“Fine! What sport emerged in the ’80s, requiring athletes to jog while thy juggle?”


We all stared at the card in disbelief but there it was. Joggling had made it to Trivial Pursuit.

joggling back trivial pursuit trivial pursuit joggling
Click on the images to enlarge.

My team went on to thoroughly trounce our opponents despite the fact that I drank just a few too many Mojitos.

Here’s a great tip if you want to win at 80’s Trivial Pursuit. Play with someone who was born in the early 80’s. It’s a lot easier.

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