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Post marathon post

So, you already know my time and generally how I felt about it. I was especially proud of Joggling a marathonmy first half, 1:35. This is the fastest half marathon I’ve ever run. Unfortunately, the weather, tired legs, and fate conspired to slow me down in the second half. That last 10K was killer. It was also the point when I had experienced the only 2 drops I had all race.

Drop 1: At exactly 2:55:44 I had just passed my fan club at mile 23. My wife, her parents, my friends. There were so many people there, it made this joggler smile. I was plugging along at a steady but slower pace when this big guy wearing a camel pack water device body checks my left shoulder. He hit me so hard that my tired body twisted right while the sticky, dirty yellow bean bag floated in the air. I tried to whip my left hand around to grab the projectile but alas, gravity pulled it to the ground with a thud. I stopped running, hit my stopwatch, and bent over to retrieve the fallen soldier. Perfection would not be had today. Damn.

Drop 2: About five minutes later, I was joggling along and another big guy ran into me. I felt his right arm push into my back. The sudden jolt wrenched me forward and I watched the red and yellow bags drop to the ground. I was so tired at that point but I managed to yell out, “Hey boss!” It was in this whiney kinda way and even as I think about it now, I get a little embarrased. Sure, there was plenty of room around me and I didn’t understand how the guy hit me but at mile 24 of a marathon, people aren’t thinking clearly. I picked up the bean bags and made it the rest of the way without missing. Oh, what could’ve been.

I could say the same about my time. As late as mile 20, I was on a Boston Qualifying time. But this incredible soreness overcame me and I just couldn’t make the legs go any faster. I never stopped (except at the water stations when the rules of joggling required it). I’ve just got to learn to get faster. That’s my plan for the winter. Research and work to get faster. The sub 3-hour marathon must be possible for me.

Next marathon?  Maybe Tampa Bay in February.

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  1. Thought you were going to make your time! Congratulations on finishing another marathon and I’m sorry about those bad guys at the end.

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