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Recovering from the marathon

You aspiring jogglers and marathoners might wonder how long it takes. Well, I’m here to tell you that it might take a little longer than 11 days. Especially if you are going to do a half marathon the weekend after the marathon.

Today, I went out for a run and thought that I would pick up the pace a little bit. According to my route, I went 4.8 miles and did it in 37 minutes. I felt like I was moving pretty fast but it turns out only to be a 7:46/mile pace. That’s not too bad but admittedly I had to slow down for the last couple of miles. I started to feel some pain in my ankles, knees and even my stomach. I understand the ankles and knees but the stomach? Weird.

But I did make the whole run joggling without a single drop, so that was good. And I got to listen to an episode of the excellent podcast Skepticality. They were having a fabulous discussion about evolution and intelligent design and why Darwin matters. As I joggled down the dark Chicago streets on a cool fall evening, I could imagine Darwin turning over in his grave at the current manufactured controversy. Religion and science do not mix. But you know what does mix, juggling, running and podcasts. My iPod has changed my life.

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